Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quilting buddies

I have been busy as usual trying to get too many things done in too little time. I swear that the days are getting shorter as I get older - somehow it just isn't fair - I have far too may quilts and stuff to do in this lifetime - I can't afford my days to get any shorter. lol

For the past about 20 years a group of us have gotten together to craft, quilt and just visit. It started with my friend Peggy and I going to an interior design class at Brandon University. We enjoyed our weekly night out so much we hated to quit after the class was finished so we decided to do something else - she wanted to learn calligraphy and I could teach her. Then our friend Louise joined us, and then Pam and then Joan and then Sharon and finally Judy - oh and sometimes Kinseley. It is a night out that I enjoy immensely and resent the same amount when anything interferes with it. We have made an abundance of wonderful, beautiful objects and some less than inspired ones as well. We all love to quilt and this passion has enveloped us all, even the one who shall remain unnamed and is our wonderfully reluctant but determined quilter. I think we especially enjoy our recent need to travel to the quilt shops nearby (within and hour and a half anyway) - close! We no longer have a quilt shop in Brandon so getting quality fabrics is a bit harder - so a road trip takes almost no

The following pictures show Sharon's, Pam's, and Peggy's cuddly cobblestones rag quilts - they all turned out wonderful! It always amazes me how we can all start out with the same pattern and each looks so different when completed!

Judy is working on a raggedy jean quilt (above) that she is lining with red and white flannel - it is going to be wonderful when it is done - it will be worth all the time she put into it.

I think I have to work on picture placement - they just don't want to co-operate with where I want to put them. - the nerve!

I have put on two batches of wine for coolers this summer. They are a pink lemonade/rhubarb and a pink lemonade/lemon wine - should be interesting - they both were stuck initially but have finally taken off - I will move them to secondaries this weekend after I bottle some of the other wines in the other 4 secondaries. lol I think I will be bottling for a few hours. The rhubarb is great and ready to go. I swear that the stuff evaporates in the summer! Well - enjoy!