Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last laugh was on me!

Well, it looks like the weather had the last laugh on me this weekend despite my optimistic predictions of warm weather. It rained and was quite cool the entire weekend. The wind came up on Sunday, the only reasonably ok day, and blew over a huge (at least 40 ft high) poplar tree to the north of us. It damaged another cabin's eavestrouphing but was being held in place by all the other trees surrounding it. I have no idea how they are going to get that tree down without wrecking a cabin or two.
It was a usual type of may long with all the teenagers coming out of the woodwork and totally enjoying themselves. The party in the cookshack didn't shut down until about 4:30am on Saturday night - it was loud, noisy and totally full of life. The saddest part was they didn't invite anyone over 30...lol It would have been nicer if they had quit a bit earlier...my age is starting to show I'm afraid.
Wilma woodchuck was out fattening up on the clover across the street. She is already pretty plump - I am not sure if it is because she is pregnant or because she is just naturally gifted. Our little Kiwi, the dog, was fascinated by it and spent hours watching her munch away. She wasn't too keen on taking a quick run across the street at it though.
Our weather continues to be cool and raining on and off. It is supposed to go down to 6 degrees celsius tonight - brr. I still don't have my garden in. Hubby wanted to knock down part of one of our Amur maples -one of the trunks died and had absolutely no leaves on it. It was sad to see it go because it is part of such a beautiful tree.
Well, I think I am going to have to ask - I cannot seem to download pictures from the internet. I was able to before but not now. I have been trying for the past few posts but to no avail...any suggestions?

Friday, May 21, 2010

May Long Weekend!!!!!

Happiness is May Long Weekend at the lake!

It is now time to do the annual spring trek up to Clear Lake to our little cabin. I have already ventured up and changed all the bedding and cleaned our little winter buddies carcasses out in anticipation of another season at the lake. It is amazing how fresh it always smells in the park. I think that because it is a national park that there is not a lot of chemical spraying that takes place and the sheer abundance of pine trees keeps the air cleaner and fresher. It is truly wonderful and very beautiful. We are so privileged to own our little cabin and it has been a source of enjoyment for our family for over 15 years now. I can hardly believe that we have had it that long.
We have a clock at the cabin that hangs on the wall between the two south facing windows. I bought it at least ten or twelve years ago. It is the most unassuming looking clock - it has a light, semi-transparent turquoise round rim and the face of it has silver coloured numbers and hands. The thing that makes this clock so unique is the fact that it has never ever kept time since we took it up to the lake. It ticks, and the hands move but always stay between about 5ish to 6:30ish. We have replaced the battery once or twice. We have even considered replacing it because sometimes it is a nuisance not to have the correct time readily available. We don't get rid of it because we seem to have the notion that the clock shouldn't keep time because we are at the lake and should be on "lake time." I guess it epitomizes what being at the cabin is about - not following a clock or schedule.
It will be an unusual summer this year because we lost both our wonderful neighbours with whom we have shared patio space with since we purchased our cabin. You might say they came with the cabin - sort of. They were a wonderful, caring older couple who have both passed away this year. Their humour and gentle ways will be greatly missed. I am not sure what I will do during the Canada celebrations without them as we usually went down to the main beach and enjoyed the festivities together. I will miss my wonderful friends....
One nice thing this year will be the weather - it has been unusually cold and rainy for the last few years during May long. Last year it even snowed and the hubby had to rake the snow off the patio because we didn't have a shovel there.

Take care - drive safe and enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain Rain go away...A rain rant

This was a rain rant that I wrote in the beginning of May and did not post - shame on me....lol
The sun has now been shining and it has been over 25 degrees Celsius for more than a week - so this does not apply weather-wise but I admit I still liked it and decided to post it apres rain:

It has now been raining steadily for three days too many. I know that it has been unusually dry here for a very long time but enough is just enough. If rain wasn't so life-giving I would truly hate it. As it is, it gives nourishment to many of the things that I enjoy in life; things that include kayaking, gardening, flowers, trees, reading books on rainy days, Clear Lake, and Tokaryk Lake. And I cannot argue with that wonderful smell after a rain!
I hate getting wet with my clothes on and as a result have a generous, all right - ridiculous, number of umbrellas. I have multiples of them at the cabin, at the house, and several in my vehicle. It wouldn't be so bad but I insist on carrying one with me the minute a cloud skims across the sky - never know, it might rain. It is a standing joke in our house about my addiction/dependence on umbrellas. My hubby has teased me over the years that I am like a cat in the rain and just as snarly. I can't see a way around it short of buying a rainsuit and that would be just ridiculous looking. Couldn't you just see short, plump me traipsing through the grocery store in a bright yellow slicker and rubber boots? In the middle of the prairies, where I live, it would be a somewhat odd thing to do. lol
I once had a boyfriend who thought that it was romantic walking in the rain holding hands - he didn't last long after that information surfaced! I have to give myself credit though - I did try it once, came down with a whopper of cold and decided that once was just too much and I would never do it again and haven't.