Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writer's Block

I usually have the written version of verbal diarrhea and have to pull myself back and rewrite everything, cutting words with abandon.  Writing has always come easily to me.  Lately though, I seem to have lost my flow and jump from subject to subject.  Not like me at all.  I feel so lost without lots of writing.  My latest scribbler is looking a bit pathetic because all I've written has been about thirty pages or so.  Even my reading has taken the back seat lately.  I try to keep track of what I've read and since the beginning of September I've read less than two dozen books.  That has got to be the all-time lowest number of books read record for me.  I normally read about two or three books a week.  I'm stuck!!  It is scaring the hell out of me!  Is it the weather?  All that brown out there can't be good. (I hate brown - it just depresses me even thinking about it.)  Maybe it is the lack of snow? 

It would be different if I was productive in other areas but I'm not.  I am just at a standstill.  I have barely done any Christmas preparations.  Except today.  Today I baked two large bread wreaths, two medium fruit loaves, two small fruit loaves (all but one to give away), six dozen whipped shortbread, four dozen phyllo triangles (made and frozen), a loaf of plain bread, two pork tenderloins, with all the trimmings - potatoes, vegs and more vegs. (I was pretty pleased with myself, I'll tell you!) Hubby and I brought up all the Christmas stuff and I put on all the lights.  Two stings decided they should quit working after I put them on the tree, this despite checking them first.  sigh.

Is anyone else hitting this type of malaise this fall?  Is it just me?  Perhaps it is the weather?  I think I said that already...sigh.  I sure have been whiny this fall...Good thing the new year is getting close....