Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sick of being Sick!!

I have been home from work the past couple days with a respiratory flu.  I think I picked it up from the personal care home where my Mom lives.  Bit of a bummer.  I have been flat out in bed since Friday and am not too pleased with about it.  I know when I am really sick because I don't even want to cook! And I love cooking!  Talk about being wiped out!

I don't remember getting sick very often when I was young and if I did, it only lasted about three days and was gone.  Now it seems to hang around for weeks and torment me.  I also have been noticing that I am not the only one whose colds/flu hang around a lot longer.  Are any of you noticing this as well?

I have decided that I am never going to be sick again this year.  Now, if only my body will co-operate I will be off to the races...

So that is my "poor, poor pitiful me" rant, it feels better just to have gotten my complaint out there.  Sorry I am unloading on all of you - I promise my next post will be very positive, or more positive at least.