Friday, September 9, 2011

I am having that love/hate relationship with my computer again!

My computer has possibly died permanently and my computer fellow has been gone out of country for a bit. I hope that it hasn't died but am not going to hold my breath about it.   My wonderful husband brought home his laptop from work so I could tinker a bit.
So - hello everyone!  I have missed reading your blogs and keeping up with what is new in your writing, lives and quilting worlds.  I hope that I can still be allowed the privilege of entering your world and that you will once again, share mine.

It is once again back to work for me.  My summer has come to an end, although our temperatures are still in the 30 degree C's and everything continues to be green, the school year has started once again.  Sigh.  It has been wonderful seeing all the kids and staff from last year and catching up with them.  It always amazes me how much kids change from grade nine to grade ten.  Not only do they grow in height, etc but in maturity.  Most come back much more sure of themselves and have a whole new perspective to offer the coming year.

Take care!  I will be checking into your sites in the next week or so.