Thursday, October 27, 2011

Second Annual Family Pumpkin Carving!

I just lugged home three more large pumpkins for our second family pumpkin carving day!  Man were they heavy.  They were on sale for nineteen cents a pound - a good deal that inspired me to buy ones that were quite large!  They cost about four dollars and weigh about twenty pounds each.  Good carving material!  It was a ton of fun last year and a good excuse to get everyone together.  (I'll post the pictures later from this year's carvings.)

Here are some pictures from last year's competition:

These speak for themselves!

The dog thought pumpkin was a new food group for her!

Some of the guys decided that logos were the way to go!

Others were somewhat more traditional.

And she even dressed up for the occasion!

I am back, again!

My computer is finally working again!  For how long, who knows?  I know I am due for a new one but I seem to have a rather odd sense of loyalty to this old one.  I think it is about ten years old (or maybe just eight) and it surely doesn't owe me anything.  I just keep hope it keeps ticking for a bit least until I get my kitchen redone and can afford to get another one.

Speaking about kitchens, I am finally biting the bullet and getting my kitchen done.  Or rather, trying to get a company to agree to do my kitchen.  I am currently striking out.  I went to one of the local custom kitchen places to get a quote last week to do the kitchen.  I want a good working kitchen but it doesn't need to be fancy, just nice.  I spoke to the interior designer and she seemed quite knowledgeable.  I went back the next week and brought in my kitchen measurements.  She wasn't there but two other people were.  The new lady went to great pains to ask me if I knew that they made custom kitchens.  I said I did.  Then she asked me if I knew what a custom kitchen was.   I replied that I did.  When I said I liked a light wood like birch they proceeded to show me laminate.  I hate laminate.  And yes, I was quite offended to be treated like a dummy.  I don't think I will be going through them.  Yeesh. Some people just can't come out of their towers.

My husband and I did go out and buy a fancy stove the other day.  I was almost physically sick for spending so much money on it though.  My husband thinks it is hilarious because I have such a hard time spending large sums of money.   It is a beauty though, with a gas top and dual ovens - truly overwhelming in how modern it is...  My current old stove is a second-hand one I picked up from a friend because my old stove (thirty-eight years old) died an honourable death a few years ago.  My husband had rewired and then completely rewired it again.  He replaced most of the burners a couple times but finally said enough was enough.  I miss that old stove - it held six loaves of bread in one shot and the temperature was nice and even throughout.  sigh.  Here's hoping the new one will hold at least three loaves.  Stomach is still churning...