Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I wasn't going to post anything for a week but in retrospect I decided that because I have the house to myself and everyone is busy elsewhere that I would steal a wee bit of time to do this.

I don't know if you are into New Year's resolutions but I say I'm not is a good time to just stop for a minute and reevaluate all the past year's happenings and ponder the future. I don't believe that one should have to make resolutions that are unreachable or goals that are unrealistic. Maybe just choosing to try to be a better person/mother/wife/daughter is more than enough. Sometimes, I just need a little nudge to remember that the world is full of connections and that we really do effect others around us and that we should try to make it a better , more positive place.

Sorry to get so heavy but I am at a stage in my life where the roles between my parents and myself have switched. It is a difficult transition for me, one I do reluctantly because I know that both my parents are not going to get better and I want to make it better. This desire to make things better is part of the nurturer in me and the conflict for me occurs when I can't make it better no matter what I do or how much I care or take care. Like I said, it is difficult when I care so much... I think I can assume it is much the same for others of you who are in the same position?

To go to a more positive note... I just got my little Janome Jem back from the shop - I purchased it in the beginning of December and it had a flaw by the needle whereby my fabric would slide into the crack and literally turn the block when it would get caught as I was sewing. I am going to try to it out this afternoon and make a small table pad in a split rail pattern from some leftover fabric I had from the Camp Koinonia quilt retreat I went to. I am thrilled with this little machine otherwise. I've had a Janome for about 18 years and really love my old machine. This little one will be perfect for piecing when I go to the lake - it is only about 12 lbs. and takes up almost no room.

I was just talking to my husband and (guess where he is? lol) he got a strike on this line and pulled up a nice little pike on the first drop down - he was pretty excited! Fishing is great again today at Rivers!

Well, have a wonderful New Year's and I will talk to you in 2009!

Happy New Year!!!

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