Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, I would say that today was one of my hardest, though not the hardest , days of my life. I was really dreading taking my mother to the local personal care home - it breaks my heart not to have her living a wonderful, independent life. She worked so hard all her life and truly deserved a good, healthy, happy retirement.

How many of you understand how overwhelming it can be to take the person you love and has raised you to be cared for by others? This is the third time I've had this role and it is one that gets harder with each time because I think I understand the implications of the destination so much more than I did the first time...It is not to say that a personal care home is a bad thing, just that it is so hard for everyone involved.

I wonder how I will be when I get to that age or infirmity? Will I go willingly or try to resist? I have already told my girls that when the time comes, I will go willingly because I understand how much it can affect a family in a negative way and burn-out the caregivers. I do hope I am of sound enough mind to follow through...I love my freedom and independence to the extreme but I love my family more...

What would you do if you had to go to a personal care home? Would you go willingly? Or not?

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