Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help wanted and the big disappointment!

I need some help! Not that kind, well not right now anyway. I requested a pasta maker for Christmas but didn't realize that there were so many types on the market. I thought an electric one would be nice because it is not as messy but even these have numerous styles and attachments. Does anyone have a pasta maker, manual or electric? I really am not sure which way is the best direction to go. My hubby was thrilled with the request - he openly admits that he is missing his pasta "off" switch and the thought of fresh pasta definitely has him smiling and quite pleased to fulfill my request. I would like something not too fancy, not too expensive and not too hard to use...any other suggestions what I should be looking for?

Well, I was a bit crushed/disappointed that no-one took up the challenge of a limerick. My Irish roots were saddened that I had no-one to give my give-away to. Barb, from The Bad Tempered Zombie, offered her comment of "Yoiks, limericks!" (A remark which, for some unknown reason, I was unable to publish on the post - still can't seem to get it on there...) Whoever heard of a give-away that didn't go? I think I will send it off to Barb as part of her Christmas parcel for at least commenting...

I can always tell when I have been feeling under the weather - the frequency of my blogging goes straight down. Sorry about that. It has been a bit of an up and down year health-wise but am hoping to get things resolved soon - It is not life-threatening, or anything like that, just incredibly tiring and it is sometimes a bit of a nuisance when I can't get all the extra things I want to do done. What I need is a magic wand that I can wave and my list done for me just the way I like it but I bet all of us wishes that at some point in our very busy lives.

Also - I almost forgot - limericks are actually of English descent but that oops! is ok because my English roots were equally disappointed...lol

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halfway to 100 posts!!

Seems like I hit 50 posts on the last one and didn't even realize it! I think that calls for a give-away! Now I am not sure what I should give away but I'm sure I can find something nice and maybe a little quilted item and something delicious to dig one's sweet tooth into as well. I will randomly choose from whomever sends me a limerick about the great snowstorm we just had across the prairies but to make it a little more difficult it also has to have the number 50 in it somewhere. The other caveat is to become a follower. The cut-off will be the Nov.25th at midnight - an early Christmas present.

Have fun!!