Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writer's Block

I usually have the written version of verbal diarrhea and have to pull myself back and rewrite everything, cutting words with abandon.  Writing has always come easily to me.  Lately though, I seem to have lost my flow and jump from subject to subject.  Not like me at all.  I feel so lost without lots of writing.  My latest scribbler is looking a bit pathetic because all I've written has been about thirty pages or so.  Even my reading has taken the back seat lately.  I try to keep track of what I've read and since the beginning of September I've read less than two dozen books.  That has got to be the all-time lowest number of books read record for me.  I normally read about two or three books a week.  I'm stuck!!  It is scaring the hell out of me!  Is it the weather?  All that brown out there can't be good. (I hate brown - it just depresses me even thinking about it.)  Maybe it is the lack of snow? 

It would be different if I was productive in other areas but I'm not.  I am just at a standstill.  I have barely done any Christmas preparations.  Except today.  Today I baked two large bread wreaths, two medium fruit loaves, two small fruit loaves (all but one to give away), six dozen whipped shortbread, four dozen phyllo triangles (made and frozen), a loaf of plain bread, two pork tenderloins, with all the trimmings - potatoes, vegs and more vegs. (I was pretty pleased with myself, I'll tell you!) Hubby and I brought up all the Christmas stuff and I put on all the lights.  Two stings decided they should quit working after I put them on the tree, this despite checking them first.  sigh.

Is anyone else hitting this type of malaise this fall?  Is it just me?  Perhaps it is the weather?  I think I said that already...sigh.  I sure have been whiny this fall...Good thing the new year is getting close....


  1. You did more baking in one day than I do in a year!

    Maybe the Christmas vacation will give you the break you need to feel the writing muse again.

  2. Oh I was totally overwhelmed by malaise for a while. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was the tail end of an extremely busy year. Who knows?
    I am laughing though, Kathy, at you "only" reading less than two dozen books since September. I have read one, count it, ONE book since the summer. And it was a very, very skinny book!
    Your cooking today sounds yummy and it's good to hear you and the hubs got some Christmas stuff out of storage. Chin up! You'll feel better soon!

  3. Oh yeah, I hear ya on that malaise. Though all the stuff you just whipped out of your kitchen sounds pretty ambitious. I am trying to find the energy to make my annual white chocolate-apricot-pistachio biscotti. Maybe tonight. Maybe.

    Um, I owe you something. I haven't forgotten, its just there were production problems and now the author has her books. So... could you please drop me an email with your addie? I think it my zeal to clean up my gmail I ditched it by accident.

    Back to the malaise... it's part of the process. Just ride it out, your head's percolating you just don't know it. Or you're about to come down with a cold. Just be patient with yourself. Peace...

  4. Barb - Any excuse to head over to my kitchen and I'm in there.

    Cathy - You were right - now that I have some of our Christmas stuff up it feels like it is finally here.
    Next to cooking, reading is a bit of an addiction for me. I read about 40 books one very rainy July when one of my daughters was working at the lake - a record even for me! As we have no television there, it is either reading or quilting. Let's just say it was a wonderfully productive month for both.

    Linda - Hopefully it isn't a cold. I would prefer to think that it is just that I need a bit of a break and to hunker down with a couple good books.