Thursday, April 3, 2014

A is for AAArgh!

I am a winter person.  I love winter.  I like it when it is cold cold - even the -40C cold.  My favourite winter temperatures are around -15 to -20C.  The roads are not icy, it is still warm enough that you can do things, and cold enough that you dress for the cold.  

This winter has me discombobulated though.  It got cold cold right off the hop in mid-November and has only recently made it to around -20C at night and sometimes even made it up to 0C during the day.  This warming has only happened in the past week or so though.  The rest of the winter has been uniformly cold with wind chills in the lower -50C range for the most part.  (These temperatures make -20C seem like a nice warm spring day!) 

Now, when it gets down in temperature, heating bills go conversely upwards.  (what's with that anyway?)  As we live in an older 2x4 construction home from the late 60's, the cold drops off the walls and the house just doesn't really get cozy, especially our family room addition.  Just on a hunch (cold feet, cold me) I put a thermometer on the floor.  It was cold - about 12C.  Not pleasant at all. The room temperature was about 16.5C before we put on the gas fireplace, that despite the house temperature being set at 22C.  Sigh.

This year spring is late - we still have a couple to three feet of snow on the ground still.  The roads are still covered in ice and snow except for a few main thoroughfares and it is still snowing today!! My "I love winter" person is slowly becoming an "I am tired of winter" person.  Never thought I would see the day that would happen!

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