Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Spring!

Another wonderful day is upon us and with it hopefully comes the unofficial start of spring. If today's weather is any indication of the onset -bring it on! It was lovely here when the wind died down somewhat and the clouds scuttled out of the way; even squirrely-magirly was busy running along the fence and swinging from tree to tree taunting Kiwi. She, of course, is absolutely delighted with this aspect of spring. She is less enthusiastic with her muddy feet we have to wipe off before she comes into the house and with her new haircut that makes her shiver with the slightest breeze.

My tomatoes are starting to poke their leaves above the soil - they look so small! I know that some of them will give me monsters (Omar Lebanese) and some will be prolific (Martino Roma) and others will be just plain good eating (silver fir leaf) but in the end they will be wonderful, red and delicious. My cucumber plants are also peeking their leaves up - I have never grown them before because of space issues but have decided to try to trellis them up my fence.

I got an unexpected Easter treat today when I won some seeds from CBC morning show! I was quite pleased with my little bounty which includes basil seeds and purple runner beans, both of which I have grown a lot in the past and haven't picked up my seed for yet.

Hope your Easter was pleasant.


  1. Tomatoes! Oh, I'm so jealous. I would love to have a growing season long enough for tomatoes. I hope your cucumbers grow well.

  2. I sure hope those cucumbers grow well, too. I am lucky because I usually pull off about 100 or more pounds of tomatoes each year which means I get to cook them!! Next to growing tomatoes - cooking them is equally wonderful - salsa, sauce, roasted, canned...