Friday, May 21, 2010

May Long Weekend!!!!!

Happiness is May Long Weekend at the lake!

It is now time to do the annual spring trek up to Clear Lake to our little cabin. I have already ventured up and changed all the bedding and cleaned our little winter buddies carcasses out in anticipation of another season at the lake. It is amazing how fresh it always smells in the park. I think that because it is a national park that there is not a lot of chemical spraying that takes place and the sheer abundance of pine trees keeps the air cleaner and fresher. It is truly wonderful and very beautiful. We are so privileged to own our little cabin and it has been a source of enjoyment for our family for over 15 years now. I can hardly believe that we have had it that long.
We have a clock at the cabin that hangs on the wall between the two south facing windows. I bought it at least ten or twelve years ago. It is the most unassuming looking clock - it has a light, semi-transparent turquoise round rim and the face of it has silver coloured numbers and hands. The thing that makes this clock so unique is the fact that it has never ever kept time since we took it up to the lake. It ticks, and the hands move but always stay between about 5ish to 6:30ish. We have replaced the battery once or twice. We have even considered replacing it because sometimes it is a nuisance not to have the correct time readily available. We don't get rid of it because we seem to have the notion that the clock shouldn't keep time because we are at the lake and should be on "lake time." I guess it epitomizes what being at the cabin is about - not following a clock or schedule.
It will be an unusual summer this year because we lost both our wonderful neighbours with whom we have shared patio space with since we purchased our cabin. You might say they came with the cabin - sort of. They were a wonderful, caring older couple who have both passed away this year. Their humour and gentle ways will be greatly missed. I am not sure what I will do during the Canada celebrations without them as we usually went down to the main beach and enjoyed the festivities together. I will miss my wonderful friends....
One nice thing this year will be the weather - it has been unusually cold and rainy for the last few years during May long. Last year it even snowed and the hubby had to rake the snow off the patio because we didn't have a shovel there.

Take care - drive safe and enjoy the long weekend!

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