Thursday, September 9, 2010

Booze Bombs and the Joys of Winemaking

I was busy replying to the Barb and Laurita's comments the other night when I heard a persistent rustle of cardboard behind me. I thought it was one of the cats playing with the cardboard boxes that some of my wine is stored in. It wasn't the cat. She sat there, head tilting from side to side looking intently at the center box with a perplexed expression on her face. The odd scratching noise continued until suddenly, there was a loud POP, like someone opened up a bottle of champagne. A small but forceful stream of liquid whipped open the cardboard box and shot a cork across the family room. The poor cat jumped about three feet in the air and skedaddled up the stairs so fast you would have thought the cork was after her! Amazing how far it shot! It was hilarious except for the mess it made on my carpet and the fact that my rumpus room smells like a brewery. I guess one of my bottles of wine was not finished working and blew its cork across the room and proceeded to blast wine right behind it.

Ah, the joys of making wine.

(I noticed that the cat hasn't kept me company down here since....)


  1. I stupidly took a huge mouthful of coffee as I was reading this. :D Too funny! Although wasted wine makes me sad.

  2. It's a shame you weren't quite fast enough to do a flying leap and catch a mouthful of it. But you'll be prepared for the next one, should it recur. Love the phrase booze bombs!

  3. Guess what? More booze bombs - 3 more to be exact! I will be emptying the rest of the batch (22 bottles) back into a secondary - groan...

    I was quick enough Barb to get a taste - it was just like champagne with a lemon edge to it - actually pretty good! lol

    Laurita, I laughed pretty good too.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to.:o) Scott has banned me from storing any of my "home brews" inside the

  5. Are you making champagne with all that fizz ;^) ?

    Very funny! You must have super yeast in yours. We make wine, too, from kits (kind of cheating). But they taste pretty darn awesome!

    Love the new background, btw. peace...

  6. Wendi - I would love to store it outside but our winters are just too darn cold. I left some at the cabin last winter and all of the them froze and blew their corks as well...

    Linda - You should have seen the torpedoes I got when I made ginger beer!! I think my husband is getting a little wary of my wine making abilities...