Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lasagne and then some more Lasagne!

I am not a huge pasta person but I love lasagne. It is one of the few pastas that I admit to really liking. When I make my lasagne, I make the sauce from scratch - fresh tomatoes, blenderized zucchini, basil, onions and celery from my garden, some wine and hamburger from a friend's farm. I use regular noodles so they will absorb any extra moisture from the sauce and I don't pre-cook them - I find it saves me a ton of work omitting that step and there is no difference in taste or texture. I have no real recipe - I just throw everything into a pot, cook it down till it is thick, delicious and smells divine.

I made a huge batch of sauce the other evening after work. It was so cold out I had to do something that would warm us up, even if it was just psychologically. I phoned my oldest daughter and told her to bring some pans over - that I was making lasagne! Making only one is a waste of time if you can make more than one - right? I think so anyway. So I made six lovely lasagne; first a layer of sauce, then a layer of noodles, layer of cheesy white sauce, layer of sauce, some parmesan cheese, layer of noodles - you get the picture. After they were all done, I wrapped them with some parchment paper and slid them into some plastic bags for freezing. So good. My version of fast food for busy days. My daughter was delighted to take some home for her freezer as well.

What's not to like about all that lasagne just waiting to be eaten, especially since it can't blow a cork!


  1. mmmm, I love lasagna too. I never make six pans at once, but I make one large one and then we have plenty of already baked leftovers to freeze for a fast supper. I usually add spinach to the cottage cheese part.

  2. This comment came from Sarah at Cottage Garden Studios:
    Oh oh oh I loooooove lasagna...love it! I have never tried making it with uncooked noodles..wow that would save huge time...hmmm. Now I want to give it a try! I tend to make huge batches of things too..like spag. sause and soups etc. I am thinking lasagna tonight! Thank you hon!

  3. I generally use a besciamella sauce instead of the cottage cheese and had to give up on the spinach because of the high iron Barb, but it still tastes great and it disappears pretty quick especially since your brother has no "off switch" when it comes to pasta.

    There is something about lasagne that is definitely comfort food and it sure does give itself to big batches easily Sarah. Hope supper was great!