Friday, March 18, 2011


As with anyone who has seen videos or pictures of the earthquake and resulting circumstances in Japan, I felt a deep sorrow for them.  All we can really do, if we are not a person with appropriate skills to go over and help, is to donate to the Red Cross in hopes that it will help them alleviate some of the destruction and to rebuild.

As a small sign of respect I wrote a poem:

earth convulsed
water tsunamied
fire spews toxic 
hope left.


  1. The feeling of helplessness is massive, but the small acts of respect that we can offer really do begin to build into a mountain of hope.

    Your poem is so powerful, particularly the paradox within the last line.

  2. Japan has a history of tragedy and tsunamis and they have always very courageously recovered. Judging from their history, they are a remarkably resilient country. I only wish there was more we could do.

    Did you know that Newfoundland had a tsunami early in the last century, somewhere around 1903-20? As did Port Alberni, B.C. in the 50's (?)- they also have the only tsunami warning system on the west coast. (Not sure on the dates.)