Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing in the dirt!

I spent part of the yesterday morning banging together my rickety old shelf unit that I use for putting my seed flats on.  The rest  of the morning and part of the afternoon  I spent filling my trays with soil and then finally seeding them in.  I had quite a number of seeds that had come as part of an Italian seed kit.  I don't even know if they will germinate but am willing to give them a go.

I, very briefly, panicked when I thought I had absolutely no tomato seeds.  Luck would have it that I had two types of seed that I very happily discovered inside another bag!  What a relief!  I know I could just jump into my van and zip over to one of the local greenhouses and pick some up.  The problem is that most of what I plant are heritage seeds and they only carry a very small variety - none of which I grow.  So, you can understand why my heart sank for a few moments.

What did I plant?  Well, let me see...   There are some gigante di napoli parsley, some romas, Genovese basil, ramata di milano onions (I've never started onions from seed before - should be interesting.), Chinese cabbage,Striato d'italia zucchini, Violetta Lunga 2 eggplants, ramoso clabrese broccoli, yellow, green and red peppers, acorn squash, Cuor di bue tomatoes, Listada de gandia eggplant, long purple eggplant, black beauty eggplant, wild grape seeds, and a hot paper lantern pepper - a haberno type of pepper.  I still would like to start a couple other varieties of tomatoes as we really like the black ones and a small red one called princepe borghese -which is a medium-sized cherry tomato that is not sweet and incredibly prolific and delicious! Hopefully I won't get them too late to plant...

Once everything comes up and it warms up outside (ha!) I will set up my small greenhouse (my daughter got for me one Mother's Day!) on the deck so they can get a nice jump on the season.  I am not going to hold my breath about the warming up part as we still have a good three feet of snow out there and it isn't going anywhere fast!!  Melting is just a word at this point - it was -13Celsius last night and still well under zero. Tonight is supposed to be the same.  It is supposed to be over zero by the end of the week but I've heard this rumour before! lol

Last night was Earth Hour. We invited friends over and shared some lovely raspberry/saskatoon wine and  tea wine.  I had made some foccoccia earlier (we hadn't eaten supper), and had that as well as some smoked fish and smoked cheese.  It was all very relaxing by candlelight.  We were quite shocked later when we turned on a low watt light to look at some pictures how glaring the electric light appeared and how blinded we were by the difference!

I was going to post a couple pictures but they will have to wait - I crashed my computer this afternoon and am reloading a few necessary items back into  

Have a good one!


  1. You always have such an incredible garden every summer. Obviously a lot of planning goes into the luck, and I hope that Nature starts cooperating with you, warming up, but not quickly enough to cause flooding.

  2. That's a lot of planting. I would love to have a little greenhouse. I will follow along with you instead. :)

  3. I really can't take all the credit there - I really only plant the garden and pull a few weeds - your brother babies it along.

    Laurita - I used to work in the one of the local greenhouses (My absolutely favourite all-time job!)- My little greenhouse and seeding attempts are like comparing a table of seedlings to a couple of football fields worth that we used to plant there!

  4. Take pictures, Kathy! I want to see all the babies as they progress into vegetables! And what a lovely Earth evening you had! (Maybe I'll mention a small greenhouse to my own kids for Mother's Day!!!)

  5. We sure hope that Nature will co-operate Barb - last year was the worst year we ever had I am ever optimistic that this year will be different.

    Cathy - I will take pictures of my babies for you - any excuse to