Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I hate computers!!!! And the internet!! (Only sometimes)

I finally get my computer fixed and then the internet has been down or wonky for the past while.  Not only that but I filled up the memory card on my camera and I can't seem to access my pictures.  I swear I am cursed!  I haven't been able to access google or my gmail for what feels like ages.  So, here I am again...I am still recovering from going through withdrawal from all of you wonderful bloggers out there.  I can't even access your blogs from the computers at the school because of all the filters and restrictions they have to keep in place to protect our innocent young minds at the school!  lol  (If you believe that, I have a great deal for you on something!!lol)

Did I tell you that I won a shared third place from Cathy at the Life on the Muskoka River with her door matching game?  I have to very sheepishly admit that it was a very random matching on my part and pure fluke that I matched what I did.  Despite this, she sent me the most fabulous prizes!  I was overwhelmed by her generosity.  I love the red mittens - I kept telling myself to go buy a pair for ages but never got around to it - now I don't have to!  Then there is a great Canadian t-shirt, a Muskoka River mug, a cute keychain, a mushy music cd and I think the best thing of all - a small white bottle that had me perplexed (until I opened it) and then ecstatic  - it was a bottle of soap bubbles that you can blow into the air.  My cats and dog are terrified of the bubbles - who would have thought?  I thought they would love chasing them as much as I love making them!  Sigh. They just don't know a good thing when it floats past them... I will post a picture of my incredible prizes when I figure out my camera's dilemma.

Now that I have whined and cheered alternatively, I will be blogging more regularly once again.  You're stuck with me folks!   ;)


  1. Glad you like everything, Kathy! And glad to see you back online. (Stoopid computers.)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your computer and camera problems! Something goes wrong with a device or the Internet, and then everything seems to fall apart.

    Congrats on the matching game. :)

  3. When the computers and internet are working good things are just grand, but when they go down we start realizing how much we depend (or at least feel like we do) on them. Hope all gets back to normal soon.

    Tossing It Out