Friday, June 17, 2011

I swear I am cursed!

Remember in my last post when I said that I swore I was cursed?  I am.  I really think that I have an invisible bull's eye attached to me somehow.  Why might you ask?

My hubby and I went shopping for a new fridge because we are hoping to redo the kitchen very soon (the current one is about twenty-eight years old and was a wedding present from both sets of parents- still works great though).  We checked out a couple places near us and then headed up to the north hill to Dufresne's Furniture.  I went to park between a couple cars but hubby said to park at the end because there was no-one there.  So, I did and I agreed it was a much better spot.  The bonus was that it was even closer to the door, which, most of time is a good thing - right?  Except this time!

We were in there for about fifteen minutes when we could hear someone calling out on the main floor.  We walked out of the appliance area and they were asking if anyone owned a gold van.  I sort of had this sinking feeling and asked if it was possibly a grey van?  As I hoofed it outside I realized, that indeed it was my van that they were referring to!

McMunn and Yates Building Center had been delivering some building materials to the furniture store through the front of the store because Dufresne had had a great deal of water damage from a broken hot water heater - or pipe of some sort that filled the place overnight with water.  When the young fellow that was driving went to swing back out my van was unfortunately directly in his path and blind spot.  He was so upset I honestly thought he was going to cry.  It was an unfortunate accident and he apologised at least three times when telling us.  Poor kid.  Even my husband felt bad for him.  We were impressed that they were honest enough to come and seek us out rather that doing a hit-and-run scenario.  He will probably lose his licence because of how the legislation works here for newer drivers.

My taped up light and some of the damage.
I now have a basketball-sized dent in my back hatch, all my right back lights broken (didn't we do a nice tape job on the lights?), a smashed in bumper and the adjacent quarter panel needing repairs.  The catch is that my van is old - 1996 - but is almost like new in appearance with very little mileage on it.  Unfortunately, MPI only really looks at the year and my van is no longer worth much.  Their initial estimate of repairs is $2500 - borderline with its value.  So, I wait with bated breath whether or not I have a write-off or if they will repair my van.  As my hubby said - the van is worth $30,000 to us regardless of the book value. 

It all took the wind out of my sails and I still haven't had the heart to go back out to look for a new fridge.  I guess it will have to wait until I am done dealing with the van.    sigh.


  1. That truly does suck. Nobody wins unfortunately, but I hope at least you get some positive news on the insurance front.

  2. Eegads... that's terrible! And you still haven't got a fridge! I'm glad the kid was honest... not too many people would have done the same as him. And I cannot believe you have such an old van with hardly any mileage. Amazing! Your tape job is pretty impressive, though. You have a future in gift wrapping.

  3. Oh what a hassle! I guess it could have been worse, but it would have been better if it hadn't happened at all. Sorry!

    Tossing It Out