Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My lovely garden

Cauliflower is so lovely!

Broccoli without chemicals!
I am blessed with a beautiful yard with an abundant garden and  huge wrap-around flower beds.  I am also very lucky that my husband also loves to garden and takes a  pride in keeping our yard beautiful. We also don't use chemicals in our  garden but rely on sustainable practices like composting to grow our vegetables. 
My Japanese peonies are huge!

My roses are blooming like crazy, as are the peonies and sweet william.  My mock orange bush in the front of the house (my header picture) is completely covered in fragrant white blossoms - it is truly the most bodacious I have ever seen it!
I love how these are so petite yet so lovely.

My garden is starting to take off now that we have some heat.  It was such a cold wet spring that I thought for sure that my garden would not do well.  It is starting to produce far more than I ever expected!  I can hardly wait to start enjoying fresh produce from the garden.  The only thing that isn't doing well are the beans - it was too cold for them to germinate so they are off to a late start (I think most rotted.) and are just starting to peak out of the ground. My cucumbers are also a bit challenged as we had a wild wind shortly after I planted them and it destroyed most of them.  The rest is wonderful and flowering and just bursting with life!!  I love gardens.
Isn't this rose exquisite?


  1. Beautiful! How nice to enjoy those blooms all summer.

  2. What beautiful flowers! I bet your gardens smell just as wonderful as they look. That mock orange is dazzling.

  3. What exquisite pictures! You always have the most wonderful garden, and I'm so glad to hear that it pulled through after that terrible spring.

  4. Lovely! Your cauliflower looks yummy! Our garden is wilting from the heat, and the fruits of our plums and pears destroyed by the nasty stinkbug which is becoming quite a pest. But the daylilies are lovely. You've inspired me to post about our garden.

    BTW, you won DAMN SURE RIGHT! I ended up doing a random drawing because no one quite got the right diagnosis. Once I get the books from Meg (signed, no less), I'll give you a holler and arrange to have it sent to you. She's a super writer, and I hope you enjoy the book. Peace...

  5. Your garden is so lovely! I love to garden too, but I'm not as attentive as I should be.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your congrats! I'm very excited to see it in print!

    The Write Soil