Monday, July 4, 2011

Smile! I have tomatoes!!

Tomatoes!! Yay!!

Guess what!!!   After a long, cold, extremely wet spring, we have had heat for about a week now and I have tomatoes!!  Not just tomato flowers but actual little tomatoes!

I had made some makeshift "mini-greenhouses" that I had put on top of my tomatoes to compensate for the lack of heat and to keep some of the moisture away from the plants.  I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did!  I have not one, not two but five lovely little (just under 1") tomatoes on a couple plants.  I didn't expect it because of all the cool weather and rain, neither of which tomatoes are particularly fond of.  I wish I had taken pictures of these "mini-greenhouses" because they worked incredibly well and cost me only a couple cents for the string to tie them up.  The greenhouses themselves were discarded fish stocking bags left-over from when my husband stocked various lakes in the region. Who would have thought that they would work so well?

I had a dream about eating a nice, warm toasted tomato sandwich with a bit of Hellman's, homemade bread and black krim tomatoes...mmm  So good but still so far away...sigh


  1. Yeah, I hear ya! I am beginning to doubt I'll get much from my garden this year. I have picked a couple cherry tomatoes, but the other tomatoes don't seem to be doing much and neither are the pepper plants.

    Did get some zucchini that I'm going to make choc. chip zuch bread with! And of course, the lettuce has been good. I love gardening.

  2. Hooray! I love seeing the first signs of a healthy fruit / veggie plant. They're beauties!

  3. I have tomatoes now too! Hurrah! They are only cherry tomatoes, but there are now about six of them. Can't wait for real tomatoes!