Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary Hubby!!

I realized that it was our 26th wedding anniversary yesterday when I signed into the medical unit to visit my mother. I was a little embarrassed when I realized that I had not even wished my Hubby a Happy Anniversary before sending him off to work in the morning. Then, I realized that he had not done the same and all was good. lol

We did our usual anniversary celebration: Ate supper, had a glass of wine and toasted each other...doesn't get better than that. We are definitely surprised at how quickly 26 years passes - it still feels like we are just getting to know each other. So much to learn yet! How lucky we are to have each other and be on the same wavelength most of the time. (You didn't think we were on the same wavelength all the time, did you? Close though...)

Would I marry him again if I had to do my life again? You bet, in a heartbeat! Guys like him are one in a lifetime, literally. I have been so blessed in my lifetime that I can hardly believe it sometimes.

For all of you out there with an anniversary coming up - enjoy each other - life is truly too short not too - otherwise - why did you marry the guy in the first place?

So - Happy Anniversary Hubby - I hope we have at least another 26...or more.

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  1. Aaaawwww! How lovely! I hope your low key anniversary was just perfect. It does sound as though it was. Here's to many many more!