Saturday, July 4, 2009

Purging the Past

Purging has taken on a whole new meaning in my house. Bruno is gone and I am literally burning, selling, and giving away a ton of stuff. I am a few years behind in doing this. When sorting gets overwhelming I come downstairs and check my emails or check what is in the fridge to recharge my flagging spirits and energy. It absolutely astounds me how much paper a household can generate and accumulate despite our efforts to keep it at bay. We are all pack rats in this house and it has finally come back to bite us (me, specifically) in the proverbial ass.

My goal this summer is to clean out, clean up and restore order to my house. Paper, as well as, clothes, trinkets and other items have taken over our lives -many of these objects whose use and origin is a complete mystery. I plan to have it complete by the end of August, including washing walls and cupboards, painting some and recovering some furniture. The square footage of my house is increasing with each trip to the recycle bin and secondhand shop. Yay!

I am enjoying how freeing it is - I had forgotten over the past few years. (literally!) It feels good already and I have barely started. Good thing Bruno is away though - he would freak out at the total disarray on the main level. I also don't have to worry about feeding him - that in itself is quite a change.

I have a wonderful kindergarten teacher that is the happy recipient of all the beads, and children's craft stuff that my daughters have outgrown eons ago. She is as pleased about getting all of it as I am about giving it to her.

Life is so good.

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