Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saving the earth - one act at a time

Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing for earth day? I always have some sort of grandiose plans but then real life takes over and squashes them. There is always so much we can all do, whether it is shutting off the lights, turning off the television, or recycling something or repurposing an object. I don't know if it really saves much individually but collectively it certainly does and it also raises awareness. Today I decided that I would do a number of things. I went through a pile of magazines and am donating them to the art room for projects/assignments for the students at the local high school. I will be turning off the lights and lighting my room with candles and having a nice cup of tea while I am at it. The bonus is a very relaxing hour or so that I could just sit.

My best earth day project was to re-upholster a small storage hassock I purchased off of It was originally covered in a 1960/70's style of fabric that was totally dated. It just wanted to be recovered with something current and contemporary, preferably a little bit daring. Well,I went to the fabric store with my good friend and we found some wonderful black and white upholstery fabric that was just the ticket! Now my main goal was to get it done today because I could totally destroy the living room doing it without my poor hubby (who is thankfully away) stressing over the mess. I accomplished my goal and my youngest is the proud owner of a very nice hassock that she has decided to use to store her quilts in. I am very pleased how well it turned out.

As well, I found this great cake saver at Winners in the fall and it is perfect to store muffins, cookies, etc on the counter or table. It works great - I use less plastic and the cats cannot nibble at our treats. It keeps things from drying out and we don't forget about them - in our house it is always a case of out-of-sight out-of-mind.

I just had to add this really cute picture of of our Kiwi. She just had a bath and we put a nice ribbon on her. The ribbon didn't last long but it did make for a great photo-op.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow! That looks beautiful. I love the fabric choice. What a great idea.

    Kiwi looks precious. :)

  2. Good morning!! Well it rained all day here got the garden stuff ready to go..planting little seeds in cups and such. We try to be green most of the time..composting and reusing when I can. I would have liked to plant a tree or two..but too chilly still!
    The ottoman is the fabric!!
    The cake saver...need one..on the lookout for one! Lucky you!
    Kiwi is darling!!! Mine is too big to bathe inside..would be a wicked mess LOL. Have a great Sunday hon, Sarah

  3. Thanks for your generous praise, Laurita and Sarah, I can't take all of it though as I had help choosing it from a good friend of mine.

    Sarah - I too should have planted today but didn't - the ottoman distracted me. The cake saver is truly wonderful to use and just makes sense. Kiwi was mud up to her belly - a bath was not an option. lol