Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winning at life

I am back - still trying to post as much as possible - which appears to be not as frequently as I would like.

We have been having such lovely weather here in Manitoba - the temperatures have been plus 2 and 3 and today it was even plus 6 celsius! So pleasant, especially since all the snow has melted from most of our streets and I am no longer driving through slush. I love the winter and spring except the melting part - I cannot abide the slush and dirty part of spring - pity we can't just skip over that time period. I am beginning to sound like one of my buddies who absolutely does not like winter. I am not going to hold my breath though - the odds of a snowstorm happening is still pretty high. There is the old saying for March "In like a lamb and out like a lion" and I think we are going to get a good one big lion coming our way. We do need the moisture though and everything would be a wonderful bright fresh white again...

Two weeks ago, my supervisor came to me and asked me if I would mind taking a student for her work experience every afternoon. The catch was that it is at a local greenhouse and I would be getting down and dirty along with the student. I haven't quit grinning since - I thought I had won a lottery and still think so. I had worked part-time at this particular greenhouse as a planter/salesperson/etc. for many years when my kids were small and it is something that I absolutely love doing! Imagine - going in from the cold and dull days into a bright, open space full of plants,fountains and ponds with koi fish, beautiful garden furnishings with accessories, and tropical birds chirping (they have an entire collection of lovebirds, budgies, finches and many other types as well) - hard to have a bad day there. The best part is that I still have another 3 weeks to go! STill grinning...

My vinegars - now plural are all doing well. I have now officially shared my mother from the red wine vinegar and bottled two bottles of it. It smells divine! I can hardly wait to try it on something!! I have started two types of white wine vinegars and still am waiting patiently for the apple cider vinegar to develop a mother - patience is definitely being learned in the process! It will be interesting to see how the mother I shared develops for the other potential vinegar makers. I wish you could just smell it! (But not too close - as my youngest's friend found that sticking your nose all the way in the jar is just a bit overwhelming.) lol

I have been trying to upload pictures but I am not able to for some reason - worked before but definitely an issue for this post and not sure why. I guess we will have to forgo the lovely pictures of flowers, birds and greenhouses today. I will try again the next post.

Take care - Have a great ST. Patrick's Day!!!

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