Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Downside/Upside of Winter

We are now totally in the grip of winter. It is a gentle, beautiful vice of magical, glittering diamond sharp snow that surrounds us. Already, we have more snow than we have had in November in years. The temperature is hovering around -20 Celsius - the perfect temperature for winter. At these temperatures, the roads are not slippery and we know we have to dress properly or we will freeze. The rivers and lakes are making strong, rock hard ice as I write and soon it will be time to drag the ice fishing shacks out to the frozen water bodies.

I woke this morning to the kind of sharp frosty air that pulls at your nose hairs when you inhale too fast. Unfortunately, I had to stay home sick with a wicked sore throat. That was the downside...but the upside is that I can enjoy the lovely view from my window. The sun is shining brightly through the absolutely clear morning air, the kind of crystal clear air that you only get when the temperatures fall. The hoar frost is thick on the trees and there is a gentle wind that is just starting to blow it off. It falls through the sunlight like magical crystals, fairy dust that flashes cheekily as it twirls and rotates in a happy eccentric dance to the ground.

I can see Squirrely Magirly hopping along the fence and then pausing. She digs daintily in the snow until she unearths a treasure. It is a small pinecone that she gives a decisive shake to. Now she starts to peel away the layers to get to the delicious pine nuts at the base of each cone scale. The dog is going nuts inside because she can see her on the fence but Squirrely Magirly remains completely unperturbed as she snacks away in the sun.

And to think I would have missed all this if I wasn't at home sick!


  1. Wow, it's cold in Manitoba. We've only had a wee taste of winter and the past few days have been spring-like. It seems you're getting our share. Your post has me longing for that first big snowfall - until I have to shovel.

  2. Although I'm sorry to hear about your sore throat, it is lovely sometimes to have those still moments to enjoy the splendour. It sounds quite magical.

  3. It looks like a beautiful winter day there! I had to go look up limericks... That was a hard challenge you gave people! I didn't make this up but thought it would be fun to share:
    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
    In space that is quite economical,
    But the good ones I've seen
    So seldom are clean,
    And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

  4. Laurita - minus 20C is actually ok if you are dressed for it - below that it gets a bit nippy!

    It really was magical, Barb.

    Great limerick, Sinta, I think I will save this one to share with the kids at school!