Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lust, Baby Lust

He thought he could hear her heart beating. He paused briefly, surprised with the knowledge that it was his heart beating that he could hear.


He could hear it speeding up...pathump-pathump/ she drew closer to him.

He inhaled her smell, the perfume that gave her a warm, spicy, fruity, all-female smell. Her essence undermined her perfume and added a warm, earthy undertone to it.

How he lusted after her breasts, so warm and hard with perfect pink aureoles. It made him drool just thinking about them. He wanted them so bad that he could almost taste them in his mouth. He ran his tongue around his lips, as if caressing them. He reached for her and she dodged him, turning away briefly. He started shaking with a rage that soon overwhelmed him; the desire for them that great. With a raucous cry, he grabbed at her once again and pulled her roughly towards him. She laughed, picked him up and undid her top so he could drink the nourishing milk that he so desperately wanted.


  1. I caught on when he started screaming, but only because I know that scream. It still made me blush at little at the beginning.

  2. Laurita - It made me blush, too! I wasn't sure if I was crossing lines here...
    Thanks, Barb - kind of stuck my neck out on this one.

  3. Got a good giggle out of this one! Like Laurita and Barb I was like, oh, should I be hiding when I read this??? Then I laughed at the ending. How true, though. With guys, it's all about the boobs!!!

  4. I kind of felt like that when I was writing it, Cathy