Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Annual Cabin Fever Writing Competition Judging

I have just printed off all the entries to the "First Annual Cabin Fever Writing Competition."  I am excited about taking these over to our judges and finding out who will be the winner!  I am hoping to post the stories sometime next week.  Every second day I will start posting with our third place winner, second place winner and finally our first place winner.   

I must apologize in the delay for posting anything about the competition as I have been down with a bout of bronchitis for the past week.  Hit me like a lead balloon and just as nasty.  I am happily back at work as of yesterday - kind of tired but ready to roll.

Watch for results and thank you to everyone who has participated.  Everything I have seen come through has been top-notch!

Good luck to everyone who entered and have made this possible!


  1. Stoopid bronchitis. I can relate with the whole sick thing and am surprised you're up and at 'em after so short a time!

  2. I just decided that enough was enough, Cathy, and that I needed to get out of bed and back into my life. Being stubborn has its benefits.

  3. How fun! It will be just like Canada Reads, without the annoying minor celebrities.

    Glad you hear that you are feeling better.

  4. How. Did. I. Miss. This? (bangs head on desk).

    Not enough cabin fever? Work's kept me the busy beaver. Sorry you've been feeling under the weather, hope all's better. Peace...

  5. Barb - I sure hope everyone will enjoy the winners that the "judges" have chosen and the prizes - both of which are meant to be a surprise.

    Linda, I was hoping you would join in. Sorry you missed it this year but you can always enjoy the stories that have come out of it and throw your hat in the ring for next January.