Friday, February 11, 2011

"Pie, pie, me oh my!"

I had taken a picture of the pie I had made for the kids/teenagers/students at school just because it was so enormous.  I had made an agreement with them if they worked hard and kept at their GIS (geographic information systems) work that I would make them a pie at the end of the term.  They stuck with it and all completed the course, helping each other (and me!) enormously along the way.  Such a great group!  I made the pie and it was huge - comparable to about 6 pies. I also made a little saskatoon pie for the ones that didn't like apple.  The kids loved it and ate everything but one tiny little piece, which I gave to another teacher who very much deserved it as well. I am just thankful the darn thing turned out as well as it did because pie making is not my strongest suit.  

I was doubly pleased when one of the girls from the class approached me in the hallway about two weeks later and said she had made an apple pie that weekend!  She was so tickled pink about it because she had never made one before.  Teenagers never cease to amaze me, which is probably why I continue to work in a high school.


  1. YUM! I need some of that pie -- omg, it looks so delicious! and lattice-work even. My oh my, I love my pie. Peace...

  2. Oh, that's AWESOME! How nice that you have turned on at least one youngster to the delectable art of pie-making. And your pie looks yummy!!!! Send one my way, will ya?

  3. That looks lovely. It must have been challenging to get the proper baking time on such a behemoth. I would likely have just gone with smaller pies, but this looks more fun.

  4. Lattice always seems to make an apple pie taste better Linda - no idea why.
    It is nice to see the kids try new things - so many of them have no idea how to make anything from scratch anymore. If you are ever through Manitoba - stop and I'll make sure there is a pie here for you Cathy!
    Thanks Barb! I've made a monster pie a few times before so it wasn't a problem baking it and it is surprisingly much less work than individual pies.

  5. Thanks Laurita! The kids sure were pleased with it.