Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking about Eamon Mac Mahon

Kiwi, our dog
I recently bumped into a documentary show called "Snapshot" on television about Eamon Mac Mahon. (check out his website at Besides being incredibly impressed with the quality of his photography and the extensive variety of his work, I was also quite taken with the portrayal of his character.

One of the comments that was made (and I am very loosely quoting as I am not sure if I wrote it down correctly because I couldn't find paper right away-but the jist of it is correct) was:

"You can always see what a person thinks of another by the type of photographs they take of them."

I was really struck by this insight; so much so, that I went back and had a look at pictures I had taken over the years and recently.  It was with a huge sigh of relief to realize that pretty much all the pictures I have taken of people have been, maybe not exceptional, but definitely decent and respectful.  I did have to laugh when I found a couple I had taken of myself and realized that they were borderline awful - Now, I had to ask myself if is this a reflection of my opinion of myself?  Or was it that I just have really short arms and my camera doesn't focus all that well on such a close distance?  Hmm.  I think I prefer to go with the short arm theory.  lol

How do your photographs stack up?


  1. Interesting idea and, now that I ponder it, he's probably right. I think about all the photos of my husband from our dating years and there were hundreds, literally hundreds, of him from every angle. And they were all so adoringly close up! Now? Meh.... !!! (Your puppy pic is adorable, btw)

  2. Oh dear, if this theory holds true, then obviously I hate everything and everybody.

  3. I get you, Cathy - sadly the dog gets more pictures taken of her than any of the rest of us.

    Well, at least you are consistent across the board, Barb - good slant on his theory