Sunday, April 3, 2011


Looks like I jumped the gun and posted my C and D too soon.  It is that dam "Publish Button" location - just too easy to hit once I've written  I'll get a hang of this eventually.

Such is life.

We are back to winter here - had/having a huge spring storm.  Besides looking like a winter wonderland, it is a bit of nuisance as I have a turkey ready to go into the smoker....grrr!


  1. LOL - I was wondering if maybe I had misunderstood the A-Z posting info!
    Don't you hate spring storms? I mean, I don't mind winter but when you've got spring on the brain, that last snowstorm really hurts.
    Enjoy the turkey!
    Oh, and kudos to you for having your next two posts ready to roll!

  2. You got that storm too, did you? 30 cm here. Bah!

  3. wow - that's amazing - it seems almost impossible to me sat here in Devon, UK!
    good luck with that Turkey