Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for "Xtra" Special Christmas Potatoes

There is just no recipe that I have that starts with X - I was definitely stymied on this letter.  So I have cheated and created a fake word to cover up my problem - call it creative license!

Christmas potatoes are only made on Christmas day mainly because they are so incredibly high in calories and terribly decadent.  Your arteries will slam shut just reading this recipe!  They are absolutely delicious though.  I do make sure there are extras for the next day's leftover meal...

The picture is from as I didn't have one.
Xtra Special Christmas Potatoes

5 lbs of red potatoes
1 - 8 oz block of full fat cream cheese
4 large tbsp of butter

1/2 - 1 cup sour cream
1 tsp salt

Peel potatoes, cook until tender and mash.

Add cream cheese, sour cream and butter and continue to mash until nice and smooth but not sticky or gummy.

Serve with a dollup of butter and some chopped parsley to garnish the top.

No calories are absorbed as long as your feet touch the ground! lol



  1. Now that would go well with fish, I think. Sounds delish :O)

  2. See, that's why I can't diet. Stuff like this that makes life, while short, infinitely worth living!

  3. whew, glad my feet are on the ground.

  4. My stomach loves this, my arteries are cringing! Potatoes are my favorite food; I could eat them for every meal. Maybe I'll have to try this on a 'cheat' day :)