Thursday, April 28, 2011

W is for Waffles

I thought of doing wine but waffles are just so darn good!  I usually take and make a whack of them, cool them, and then freeze them in bread bags to put in the toaster for later on.

This is a basic recipe that you can add your own flavourings to.  Flavourings like vanilla, almond extract, ground nuts, chocolate powder or whatever strikes your fancy.


1 3/4 cup flour
2 tsp. baking powder (I use double action baking powder.)
1/2 tsp. sugar ( sometimes I leave it out)
3 eggs, separated
1 3/4 cups milk
6 tsp melted butter or oil (I usually do half and half because I like the flavour of butter but not the saturated fat.)

Combine the flour with the other dry goods.

Mix egg yolks with milk and melted butter.  I warm the milk just slightly so the butter doesn't harden back up.

Add to the dry mixture just until moistened - they will turn out tough if you mix them too much.

Beat egg whites in a separate bowl until you get peaks but not stiff peaks.

Let sit for about 5 minutes.

Heat up the waffle iron and grease lightly.

Add batter and cook until steam has stopped coming out the sides.

Gently lift the lid - if it sticks it might need a minute more or you to loosen it manually.  It should be light golden brown.

For special occasions serve with whip cream and strawberries.  Otherwise, serve with some syrup and fruit.


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  1. Yummy. I don't make waffles, not having a waffle iron, but I do occasionally make and freeze pancakes. I like to use whole wheat and oats in my pancakes, can you do the same with waffles?