Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Damn!

Baby picture or rather, puppy picture!
Why damn?  Damn - I can't think of anything but my dog for D and much as I love her I didn't feel like writing about her.  Yes, she is cute and fuzzy in the winter but she is still a cliche for D.  I did write a piece about death but felt that although it was interesting it was too heavy for A to Z.  So, yeah, DAMN! I wish I could think of something more in the D's to write about!

Kiwi with her winter coat.


  1. okay, I'll accept that...thought I was going to read a rant and rave here!
    :) way to be honest!

  2. May i suggest dildoes? It worked for me!!!!
    (But DAMN Kiwi is cute!)

  3. Well, damn - now I wanna read your post about death! :-)

    Some Dark Romantic

    1. Tracy - I was truly stumped and must apologize for how poor that entry was.

      Cathy - Dildoes are great but you already used it! The word that is... and Kiwi is cute - thanks!

      Mina - It was just a little too dark for that day - perhaps on another day...

  4. Kiwi is such a cutie. No wonder you wanted to post about her.

  5. Replies
    1. That Kiwi is truly a character, Laurita and Brittany. They say that being cute is a survival mechanism - true in Kiwi's case.