Sunday, April 15, 2012

K is for Kathleen

Kathleen is an Irish name meaning "of heavenly bodies" according to a name book that I have from when my kids were little. Other meanings include pure, chaste and sweet.  It is the name that my parents bestowed on me when I was born.  I have alternately loved it and hated it at the same time.

Why do I love it?  I was named after my Grandmother's neighbour, Kathleen Hill.  She was the most wonderful, sweetest English woman you could ever meet.  I treasured her friendship, as did my Grandmother.  She had a lovely sense of humour, and a gentle way about her but was incredibly intuitive.  I also love the fact that it is Irish and makes me things of fairies and other fey beings.  As a child, I had a hugely overactive imagination and the name suite me to a T.

What did I hate about my name?  The only time, other than at school the first day, I was called Kathleen as a child was when I was in trouble.  I always knew I was in for it when my mother started her sentence with Kathleen.  I literally inwardly cringed, and still do, when people call me Kathleen.  Try as I might to kick this, I cannot, lovely name or not. 

In high school, my friends called me Kat.  I like that.  It was short and to the point. Most everyone calls me Kathy and I like that as well.  Whether I am called Kat, Kathy or Kathleen I am now fine with them all now that I am an adult.


  1. Hi, I like Kathleen as well. Not my name, but I have known several Kathleens and they were swell people. So very nice to be named after a grandma, too. My name is from several aunts (Both first and middle names). Being from the south, I am quite often called by both first and middle names. Ha. Best regards to you. Ruby Irene. :)

    1. It is amazing how many people I know that are called by their first and middle names, Grammy.

  2. As long as you're not called late for dinner, right? :)
    I wish I was called Cat. I think that's the coolest nickname ever.

  3. My name too! :) With the same cringe you have, I don't mind Kathleen except when someone has a tone. So I prefer Kate.
    I quilt too. We should connect
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  4. I think Kathleen is a beautiful name with a precious meaning! I invented my daughter's middle name Katiana, which is Kathryn and Anna together. Just stopping by from the Challenge...

    1. I always liked that nickname, Cat.

      I know that tone well, Kate.

      Your daughter's name is lovely, Jarm.