Friday, April 20, 2012

N is for Night

Night.  A word that conjures up all sorts of images.  The actual word means "the dark period between day to day" in the Concise Oxford dictionary.  Night can be a comfort for many, a time of terror for others, and a wakeful time for the night-owls.

Tonight, I am looking forward to the cocoon of darkness to soothe my weary soul and body.  The darkness will be a comforting time for me.  For many others, who work long hours, the onset of night would be a welcome break from the drudgery of labour.  For new mothers who entertain and chase small children at top speed all day, night cannot come soon enough. 

So many movies and books depict night as a time of terror.  There is a huge tradition of terror stories and films that appeal particularly to teens and young adults, although the rest of the adult population is not exempt from it.  I think there must be a basis in fact for some of it.  It is like a rumour that starts with a wee kernel of truth and grows from there to become a full-fledged thing.  I think that terror can also be a learned fear.  Other times, I just think that terror is the work of an overactive imagination, especially in young children.  Again, adults are not exempt from having an overactive imagination - I know of what I speak on that subject!

When it comes to night-owls, I think that night can be a time of reflection and accomplishment. I am far more productive in the evening and middle of the night than I am during the day.  My best times for doing things is after nine in the evening until about three in the morning.  Some of the wakefulness could be attributed to a primordial need to protect.  After all,  it was at night that danger lurked in the form of tigers, bears and other night prowling beasts. 

Is night your comfort, terror or wakeful time?

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