Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for April Fool's Jokes

My oldest daughter has a really great sense of humour and anytime she can pull something on her dad she is up to the challenge.  This April Fool's Day was not exception.  However, she left me in charge of the implementation - bad idea.

Little background first:

My husband has a Jeep, a YJ to be exact.  It has a 30 inch lift kit on it and the corresponding tires and paraphernalia.  Very macho, very cool -it is his baby - literally.

That said, the three of us went shopping on Friday to TCS (a hardware store).  We went to check out their bird feeders because I wanted a couple of finch feeders to attract more songbirds. While we were there we poked around and checked out other aisles as well as the clearance counters.  We wound up picking up a maple syrup tap for our lone maple in the backyard with the hopes of making some maple syrup.  My oldest daughter noticed the nipples and bottles for feeding calves.  My husband, being himself, made some "witty" comment about them.  We nodded and kept going, being used to his rather off-eat sense of humour. 

Later on when I was doing laundry it hit me!  The perfect joke!  I called my daughter and she slipped back up to the hardware store and picked up a pair of nipples.  She thought it was a great idea!  I wasn't paying much attention to the date and decided that getting  up in the middle of the night would work the best to "decorate" my husband's jeep with a pair of nipples. I read until late and made lots of noise so it would force my husband to put in ear plugs.  I needed to be able to open the front door without him hearing the door opening and closing.  He was very accommodating and put in his ear plugs.  He rolled over and was asleep within seconds.  I read a bit longer, shut off the light and decided I had best wait until about four in the morning.

As I woke up at four, I wondered what had inspired me to pick such an ungodly hour but still headed downstairs and out the front door in my nightgown.  I felt a bit silly but hey! anything for a joke.  I tied a nipple to each of his fog lights and around the front bumper, cackling away to myself the whole time and praying that no-one came along or looked out their window...

The next morning we got up and he putskied around having breakfast, then raking leaves and finally washing the windows.  Meanwhile, I felt like the cat that swallowed the mouse but had no-one to tell.  I waited, impatiently but I did wait.  Finally, he said he was going to our daughter's to give her a hand washing her windows and doing stuff.  Off he went with nary a notion that he was sporting a brand-new pair of pink nipples!  I was laughing so hard I could hardly text my daughter to let her know he was headed her way, nipples leading the way.

He didn't notice them until about three in the afternoon when he prepared to head back home!  I would have like to have been the fly on the jeep hood when he discovered his nipples!

Also - The joke was on me as well because I had put them on the jeep a day early.  Got to love a good joke that keeps giving.


  1. Thats so funny! Great post, looking forward to reading more.

  2. Hilarious. It would have priceless to have seen his face. :)

  3. That is hilarious! Especially done a day early!

    1. Thanks, Kate. It was fun pulling a joke on him - thank goodness he has a sense of humour!

      I would have loved to have seen the look on his face as well Laurita! He must have just groaned.

      Good thing your brother likes a good joke, especially when it includes a goof on my part, Barb!